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The 2017 Pension Political Power 25: Steven Mnuchin

< 25 Top Pension Power Players5. Steven MnuchinSecretary of the Treasury

Think presumptive Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin won’t have much time to deal with pensions? Think again. The Treasury secretary is one of three board members of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., so pensions fall squarely in his purview. Also, Mnuchin, 54, inherits two ticking pension time bombs. One is the Puerto Rico debt crisis; the other is what to do about the U.S.’s troubled multiemployer retirement funds. Puerto Rico secured itself a stay of execution via the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act, which Congress passed in June 2016. The Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico, formed as part of that legislation, has until February 15 to come up with a plan, but that date is fast approaching. Now Puerto Rico is Mnuchin’s problem, and fixing the commonwealth’s $49 billion pension burden must be a part of any realistic path to fiscal stability. As for U.S. trade unions, they’re not going to wait quietly for a resolution to their growing pension woes. . — Imogen Rose-Smith

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1. Andy PuzderSecretary of Labor2. Bruce RaunerGovernor of Illinois3. Betsy DeVosSecretary of Education4. Laura & John ArnoldFounders,
Laura and John Arnold Foundation5. Steven MnuchinSecretary of the Treasury
6. Wilbur RossSecretary of Commerce7. Tani Cantil-SakauyeCalifornia Chief Justice8. Paul RyanSpeaker of the House9. Anthony ScaramucciFounder, SkyBridge Capital10. Kevin de LeónCalifornia State Senator and President Pro Tempore
11. Mike EnziChairman, Senate Subcommittee on Primary Health and Retirement Security12. Steve SweeneyPresident,
New Jersey State Senate13. Jerry BrownGovernor of California14. Corey LewandowskiCo-founder, Avenue Strategies15. Paul SingerPresident,
Elliott Management Corp.
16. Randel JohnsonSenior Vice President, Labor, Immigration, and Employee Benefits, U.S. Chamber of Commerce17. Joe ManchinU.S. Senator18. Kenneth FeinbergFounder and managingpartner, Feinberg Rozen19. Scott WalkerGovernor of Wisconsin20. Richard TrumkaPresident, AFL-CIO
21. Mike RawlingsMayor of Dallas22. Elizabeth WarrenU.S. Senator23. Kent MasonPartner,
Davis & Harman24. Bernie SandersU.S. Senator25. Randi WeingartenPresident, American Federation of Teachers