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Consumer – Cosmetics, Household & Personal Care Products: Second

 Lauren LiebermanBarclays

Barclays’s Lauren Lieberman, in second place for a fourth consecutive year, “does a great all-around job,” insists one investor. Adds another: “Lauren is well-liked by both her companies and her clients.” In March Lieberman highlighted her buy call on Jarden Corp., a Rye, New York–based concern perhaps best known as a manufacturer of outdoor equipment and sporting goods, but one that also produces brooms, buckets, mops, nail clippers and trimmers, and other household goods. The company, which was founded in 1993, has matured to the point where it can post strong earnings despite market headwinds, she argued. She was right. In July the company reported year-over-year quarterly revenue growth of just 1.1 percent but earnings per share of $1.14 — four cents higher than consensus estimates. By the end of August, the stock had climbed 23.1 percent, from $39.26 to $48.33, since the reiteration.

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