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Trading Technology 30: Jorge Alegria

Jorge Alegría
No. 26
Senior Vice President, Market Operations
BMV Group 
Jorge Alegria For Mexico City’s BMV Group, the road from the emerging-markets second tier to world-class exchange status has been paved with technology. Jorge Alegría, senior vice president of market operations, has been on that detail since 2002, initially with Bolsa Mexicana de Valores’ derivatives affiliate, MexDer. As of 2010 he has been in charge of the entire group’s market operations, which now boast such hallmarks as cross-border connectivity and colocation systems that accelerate connections to the trading book. Also serving as CEO of MexDer, Alegría was instrumental in forging a March 2010 strategic partnership agreement with CME Group (see Kevin Kometer, No. 2). CME took a 1.9 percent equity stake in BMV, and a technology link between the two that went live last April began an expansion of MexDer’s order-routing capabilities. Alegría, 48, formerly CEO of ABN Amro Securities Mexico, says he is anticipating “significant flow from international customers using Globex,” CME’s high-tech trading platform. Meanwhile, on the stock exchange, BMV’s Trading Engine is scheduled to launch in the second quarter, with throughput of 200,000 messages per second and a round-trip transaction time of 100 microseconds. Last year saw increases of 80 percent in daily average orders, 30 percent in daily average trades and 110 percent in daily average messages, indicative of the growing “sophistication of investors” that Alegría says is part of BMV’s mission.

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