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Today's top stories: - Investors like farms. - The SWF debate in Nigeria is shifting towards implementation. - More details on South Africa's proposed new SWF. And other awesome stuff to read about when you're bored...

Let's get right to the news, shall we:

  • Investors are apparently keen on farmland. Interestingly, when I was in Cape Town last week, agriculture polled as the most attractive asset class for investors.
  • Here are some more details on the TRS / Bridgewater deal from the NYT's Azam Ahmed.
  • The SWF debate in Nigeria seems to have '...shifted from constitutional propriety to the imperatives of efficient and sustainable management of the Fund.' I think that’s positive.
  • Here are some more details on the ANC's proposal for a new SWF for South Africa.
  • Qatar Holding signs an MoU with Kyrgyz government; no doubt this will result in some large agriculture investments.
  • Mubadala has taken full ownership of Globalfoundries.
  • France appears to be using its SWF to bolster domestic rail and aerospace industries.
  • Malaysia’s 1MDB wins its bid for power generation assets.
  • US public pension assets were up 16.4% in 2011. So why is funding still low?

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