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Hello Auckland, nice to be here!

Hello Auckland: So nice to be here! How about some local news to get things going:

  • The Wall Street Journal is reporting that New Zealand may be looking abroad for a new Central Bank chief.
  • Harvard Management Company's New Zealand dairy farm is turning a tidy profit. Kudos.

OK that’s all I got in terms of local news. Here’s the rest:

  • The CIC reasserts its lack of interest in EU sovereign debt.
  • GIC and Quebec’s Caisse are teaming up to try to acquire Axa.
  • Alaskan Governor Parnell invokes Churchill in his plea for the APFC to divest from ALL companies doing business in Iran.
  • West Virginia's Senate is considering a new Bill to establish a Future Fund.
  • CPPIB just reported its latest assets under management figure: $153.74 billion.
  • SOFAZ looks to real estate in Europe. 
  • CalSTRS scolds Facebook's Board for being a boys club. 
  • CalPERS is looking to eliminate a committee that does the exact same thing as another committee. 
  • I'll believe this story (about CIC getting $50 billion) when the CIC confirms it.  (Here's why)  

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