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Global Research Firms Vie for Title of 2014's Best

Bank of America Merrill Lynch widens lead over second-place J.P. Morgan.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch captures second place on Institutional Investor’s 2014 All-India Research Team. When the ten positions it wins in that survey are added to the results of those published earlier this year, the firm’s aggregate total jumps to 246, which is more than sufficient for the firm to hold the top spot on our Global Research Leaders: Year to Date roster.

Returning in second place is J.P. Morgan, whose new total of 219 includes the six spots it claims in the India survey. It shares the No. 6 spot in that survey with Barclays and IIFL.

In third place overall is the firm that leads the All-India Research Team, Morgan Stanley, with an updated total of 166. Deutsche Bank holds steady in fourth place, with 129 positions, followed by Barclays, with 110.

These aggregated totals include the results of the All-Europe Research Team; the All-Europe Fixed-Income Research Team; the All-Japan Research Team; the All-Asia Research Team; the Emerging Europe, Middle East & Africa Research Team; the All-Russia Research Team; the Latin America Research Team; the All-Brazil Research Team; the All-America Fixed-Income Research Team; the All-America Research Team; and the All-India Research Team. Still to come: the All-China Research Team, whose results will appear on December 9.

II research team surveys generally include a mix of equity and fixed-income categories (and buy-siders’ votes are weighted separately by their investment in each asset class). When totals are viewed strictly by category, BofA Merrill leads the equity lineup, with 179 positions, followed by J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley, with 144 each

When only fixed-income categories are considered, J.P. Morgan tops the roster, with 75 spots — more than one third of which are for analysts and teams considered the best in their respective sectors — while BofA Merrill comes in second, with 67, followed by Barclays in third, with 45.

Our surveys also cover a combination of developed and emerging economies (and participants’ votes are weighted by their allocations in each market). When results of each classification are viewed separately, BofA Merrill is slightly ahead of J.P. Morgan in Developed Markets — the firms claim 145 and 144 spots, respectively.

BofA Merrill holds a much wider lead for coverage of Emerging Markets, with 101 positions — 21 more than Morgan Stanley, which seizes second place when firms are measured by this metric.

For more information see 2014 Global Research Leaders: Year to Date.

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