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Weekend FinTech Reading, January 11 – 12, 2014

The week's fintech news, research and innovations for your reading enjoyment.

It’s the weekend which means it's time to catch up on recent FinTech news and reading:

Who Gets to Mine for Coins: How the acquisition of Bitcoins is becoming an elite pastime. (Bloomberg)

Why the Nate Silvers of the World Don’t Know Everything: The importance of balancing big data and subjective human experience in the age of the Quants. (Wired)

Wearable FinTech: How this hot new trend dominated this year’s Consumer Electronic Show, and why we may soon see wearables in theworkplace(The Guardian and Wired)

Bitcoin Isn’t Money — It’s the Internet of Money(The Umlaut)

Bitcoin Woos Washington to Ensure Lawmakers Don’t Kill It. (Bloomberg)

The Future of Bitcoin on Wall Street: Four steps Bitcoin needs to take in order to break into the big leagues. (TABBForum)

The Downside of the Data-Driven Decision: How metrics-driven business models aren’t always in the best interest of the client. (American Banker)

Yahoo malware turned European computers into Bitcoin slaves(Guardian)

Poor Data Management Blinded Chase to Madoff Fraud. (Wall Street Journal)

A Singaporean bank begins using IBM's Watson artificial intelligence platform to improve customer experience. (Bloomberg)

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