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Using Smart Beta to Outsmart the Market

An Institutional Investor Special Report


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Getting Strategic on BetaSEPTEMBER 2014
To capture yield and mitigate risk, investors have embraced smart beta strategies. Rules-based and transparent, they reweight traditional cap-weighted indexes by a variety of specific factor exposures.A number of smart beta providers describe the growing awareness, adoption and implementation with a look forward to sophisticated applications that are changing how risk is measured and returns are achieved. 
Read the report to hear from our many expert contributors:
  • Ronan Israel, Principal, AQR Capital Management
  • Sara Shores, Managing Director and Head of Strategic Beta, BlackRock
  • Ronald Kahn, Managing Director and Global Head of Scientific Equity Research, BlackRock
  • Eric Shirbini, Global Product Specialist, ERI Scientific Beta
  • Kal Ghayur, Head of ActiveBeta Equity Strategies, Goldman Sachs Assest Management
  • Dan Draper, Managing Director of Global ETFs, Invesco PowerShares Capital Management
  • Mehdi Aliouat, Head of Communications for Alternative Investments, Lyxor Asset Management
  • Matt Peron, Global Head of Equities, Northern Trust
  • Helmut Paulus, CEO, CIO, Managing Partner, Quoniam
  • Rolf Agather, Managing Director of Global Research and Innovation, Russell Investments
  • Lynn Blake, CIO, Global Equity Beta Solutions, State Street Global Advisors

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