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Fiscal Year 2013 Performance Drivers

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Description: At the start of fiscal year 2013, five years after the global financial crisis, endowment and foundation (E&F) portfolios had, for the most part, recovered their pre-crisis portfolio values, having benefited from double-digit returns in fiscal years 2010 and 2011 and the relatively flat fiscal year 2012.¹ Today, in the face of persistent macro uncertainty and the search for high-return-generating strategies amid a low to (likely) rising interest rate environment, understanding how your peers are positioning their portfolios can be particularly useful as you seek to ensure that your own portfolio exposures are well managed and that the total portfolio is best positioned to achieve long-term return objectives.
This paper offers a short commentary on fiscal year 2013 results for E&Fs, including median returns, dispersion, asset allocation, and manager selection.

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