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Weekend Giant Reading, July 12 — 13, 2014

Welcome to the weekend! Here's some news for your reading enjoyment.

Welcome to the weekend! Here's some news for your reading enjoyment: - Secondaries: ADIA is reportedly considering a sale of $2 billion worth of PE buyout fund stakes. With valuations where they are, that's not surprising. - In-Sourcing: Denmark's Danica is bringing assets in house; hiring staff. - Hooray! CalPERS has around $300 billion in assets, which is good. - Boo! CalPERS has $400 billion in liabilities, which ain't good. - Daring: The Municipal Employees’ Retirement System of Michigan is making direct investments in local companies. - Offices: Pensions are reportedly launching more overseas offices! Somebody should really do a research project on th ... oh yeah.- Indian Infra: The CPPIB has deployed $1.1 billion in India's infrastructure sector... in last six months! - Windy City: Quebec’s CDPQ has acquired a 25 percent stake in the Chicago-based wind-farm developer Invenergy Wind. - New Zealand: Canada's PSP is going BIG into New Zealand. - Libya: The CEO of Libya's SWF has been forced to step down due to a ban on past Qaddafi officials holding public office. - Divestment: Public pensions lag endowments in doing pointless thing. Instead they choose to do meaningful thing. Wow. Pensions flip the script on this one. - Team Building Exercise '99! Years after it announced it was rolling out a real estate allocation, NBIM finally gets around to staffing up for it. - Rants: Where's the "Funders Fund" for Venture Capital? - AuM: Here's a ranking of the biggest Asian investors. Interesting to see that CIC is bigger than SAFE? I had assumed SAFE was much larger. - Mandates: State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan is committing $50 million to the IFC's Catalyst Fund.

Have a great weekend!

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