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Weekend Giant Reading: September 27 — 28, 2014

Welcome to the weekend! Here’s some news on pensions and sovereign wealth funds for your reading enjoyment.

Welcome to the weekend! Here’s some news for your reading enjoyment.

- The Great Hedge Fund Evolution: Dutch pension fund APG Asset Management sees signals the hedge fund opportunity is shrinking but is happy and persevering with its allocations — for now.

- Pension Liabilities: After five years of awesome returns, unfunded public pension liabilities among the top 25 public funds has been cut to $2 trillion.

- Insourcing:AustralianSuper is adding 30 percent to its internal team to cut external management costs.

- Inflow Insanity:Norway’s sovereign wealth fund is shifting its approach to investing — it will move into private equity.

- Insourcing:Korea Investment Corporation fancies itself a stock picker. It’s doubling the size of its research department.

- New Sovereign Wealth Funds:Zimbabwe’s Senate approved the new SWF bill and at the same time, rejected Mugabe as one of the fund’s new trustees. Interesting.

- Musical Chairs: Stephen Blyth will take over as head of Harvard Management Company.

- Drawdowns:Brazil is withdrawing $1.5 billion from its SWF to plug a hole in its budget.

- Sovereign Development Funds: Temasek says that the secret to its remarkable performance for 40 years has been its separation from government. I say, isn’t it smart and professional use of government relationships?

- Green I: It feels like pensions are finally thinking long-term thoughts, especially about the environment.

- Green II:CalPERS will disclose the carbon footprint in its investment portfolio.

- Green III: The New Zealand Superannuation Fund has backed a study to assess better the risks and opportunities from climate change.

- Green IV: The Washington State Investment Board has added what it calls a new “investment belief” that demands transparency around climate risks from managers.

- Green V:CalSTRS has announced it will invest in the sustainable rather than divest from the unsustainable.

On that positive note, have a great weekend!

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