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The 2014 All-Russia Research Team: Economics, No. 1: Evgeny Gavrilenkov

Evgeny Gavrilenkov
Sberbank CIB
First-Place Appearances: 8

Total Appearances: 11

Analyst Debut: 2004

Every year since the All-Russia Research Team was launched, in 2004, Evgeny Gavrilenkov has appeared on this roster, headlining the list in an unbroken streak since 2008 as well as in 2006. The 59-year-old Sberbank CIB economist, who reports that he spends half his time traveling, is “contrarian, stubbornly fundamental, and writes comments that are both helpful and enjoyable reading,” one loyalist insists. Indeed, adds another reader of the researcher’s daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly notes, Gavrilenkov is “someone who definitely has his own point of view, and he uses interesting comparisons and metaphors to explain what he wants to say in a short, laconic manner.” Gavrilenkov anticipates adding support personnel in the coming year “to deepen the coverage of Eastern Europe and Turkey — and, to some extent, Russia.” He has been “critical about the policies of the Central Bank of Russia, in general,” the analyst reports, “as it massively expanded refinancing to banks to stimulate the economy.” Moreover, he emphasizes that the stimulus was unnecessary since demand was already robust. For the year ahead, Gavrilenkov predicts that the financial sector will “continue growing faster than the rest of the economy, as monetary policy remains rather peculiar,” he explains, which will create further expand opportunities “for the financial sector to earn money.”

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