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The 2014 All-Europe Research Team Winners in the Spotlight: Holger Blum and Yi-Dan Wang

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Yi-Dan WangMedial Technologies & ServicesDeutsche BankWatch an exclusive interview with Holger Blum and Yi-Dan Wang.In 2005, when Holger Blum and Yi-Dan Wang took control of this crew, Deutsche Bank hadn’t ranked in the sector in three years. Since then, the team has appeared every year but one, 2009, and this year climbs from second place to celebrate its first appearance on top.

Blum, 41, became interested in stocks while working toward his MBA at Germany’s University of Mannheim. “I wanted to learn what drives shares,” the Zurich-based analyst recalls. He became an intern at Deutsche Bank, then began working at the firm as a health care analyst after completing his degree.

Wang, who works out of London, also traces her interest back to her days as a student. “I bought and sold shares as a hobby while I was at school,” the 41-year-old says. “I decided to pursue this professionally when this opportunity arose after I qualified as a charted accountant with Ernst & Young. I thought at the time that it will be so much fun I can’t possibly consider it work. Well, the sector has much competition, and a lot of very hard work is done to stay head of the pack!”

Nonetheless, she derives great satisfaction from her efforts. “The part of the job I enjoy the most is in gaining an in-depth understanding of the businesses I analyze, so that I almost become a part of them and can help clients identify opportunities and risks far ahead of the competition,” she explains.

Blum echoes her sentiments. “I like the challenge to be right on stock recommendations,” he says. “I also like the mix of work — interacting with managements and investors, but also the silent moments of in-depth analysis.”Read Their Profile

Holger Blum and Yi-Dan Wang