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Weekend Giant Reading, March 21–23, 2014

Here are the top stories from the past week down on the Ave of Giants.

Here now, the news:

- New SWFs I: Egypt will launch a Temasek-style sovereign development fund to hold the government's stakes in nine state-owned enterprises; the idea here is to facilitate SOE restructuring.

- New SWFs II: PNG has reportedly dropped its plans to launch a new SWF from LNG revenues.

- New SWFs III: Saskatchewan is preparing legislation for a new "Future Fund."

- Infrastructure: "Financing infrastructure is falling out of favor with banks. Can other investors plug the gap?" Yes.

- Collaboration: The India-Saudi Investment Fund, with $750M and a mandate to invest in Indian infra, exists. I did not know that.

- SDFs: The Palestine Investment Fund will own 25% of an oil exploration JV focused on the West Bank. ...

- Seeds of Change: CalPERS will be launching a new emerging manager program for PE.

- Restructuring: Sweden's restructured AP system will be fully implemented by 2016; it will be an interesting 18 months!

- Long-Termism: Here's why all investors should try to become “long-term investors.”

Have a great weekend.

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