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The Quantified Self Movement Reaches Personal Finance

People are more and more interested in quantifying every aspect of their lives, especially when it comes to health. Nadler took a look at the impact of the so-called quantified self movement in a March post. Consumers who use products like the Jawbone UP or Fitbit know more about themselves than any other human beings in history but much of the information these products — usually worn as bracelets — gather is “boring.” It’s how they gather it and what they do with it that’s really interesting, because that is being translated to personal finance, Nadler writes. Personal finance tools such as wallet.AI, Mint and BillGuard have the potential to take this technology and data crunching even further. Instead of a bracelet vibrating to tell a consumer to get up and get active, as the Jawbone UP does, there might soon be a product that will vibrate telling a shopper not to make an imprudent purchase, or an investor to avoid a bad buy.