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Avenue of Giants Sovereign Fund Catch Up Session

Here are some of the news items you may have missed over the weekend…

Here now, all the news from the weekend:

- Pensions and Infra I: “It is disappointing that there has not been more urgency in putting pension fund money to new infrastructure.” True.

- Pensions and Infra II: According to the CIO of the Future Fund, the infrastructure market is not in bubble territory: "The market doesn’t feel frothy or bubbly.”

- Pensions and Infra III: When it comes to infrastructure, pensions are increasingly replacing banks. 

- Returns I: Sweden's AP4 reports solid returns for the last six months.

- Returns II: Botswana's Pula Fund gets bad press after a single month's poor performance... No biggie.

- Leadership: ATP's new CEO reflects on the tough times he expects to face in the years ahead.

- Self-Harm: Flawed arguments like this one prevent pension funds from professionalizing, which, in turn, keeps external managers smiling. How much does this dude think the employees of external asset managers get paid?

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