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AoG Format Change: Less Is More?

A note to long-time readers of the AoG: We’re changing up the publication formula a bit. Here’s what we have planned for the year ahead...

The data droids have crunched mounds of readership data and come back with the following insight about blogging: Readers like fewer longer posts much more than they like frequent short posts.

In sum, the data is telling us that less is more when it comes to making you happy. (So ... twitter?)

Anyway, with this powerful insight in hand, the boss men and women of II Magazine have asked me if I'd be willing to adapt my own blog to this approach. And, because I'm a team player, I've agreed. (Ok fine. I agreed because it's easier.)

So, from here on out, you can expect the following: The Daily Briefs ... are gone. What will remain are long(ish) posts, which will dig into specific giant-related topics, and 'weekend readings', which will recap news from the prior week as well as flag up interesting papers to read. And that's really it.

If you have any questions, criticisms or (dare I hope) kudos, send 'em over. In the meantime, here's hoping the droids know where they're taking us...

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