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Long Weekend Reading November 2013

It’s Thanksgiving here in the US of A, which means Avenue of Giants will be closed until Monday. Until then, here’s some interesting reading material to tide you over...

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in the US of A, which means Avenue of Giants will be closed until Monday. Until then, here’s some reading material. First, the news:

- New SWFs I: Once again, Scotland is talking about how awesome it would be if they had their own SWF – the "Scottish Energy Fund".

- New SWFs II: The World Bank is encouraging Zimbabwe to develop a robust accountability framework for its newly-approved SWF. I’ll ditto that.

- Musical Chairs: As part of a reorganization, CPPIB's CFO and COO have decided to switch jobs, which... let’s be honest... is a bit odd.

- Bad Debts: Norway's NBIM and Singapore's Temasek are invested in China's Cinda Asset Management Corp, the "bad debt manager".

- Hot Models: The Alaska Permanent Fund is becoming a real estate role model for other SWFs.

- The Law: ADIA will finally get to sue Citigroup. Congrats?

- SDFs: Malaysia's Khazanah continues to launch new local development initiatives through its wholly owned MTDC. Interesting.

- Equality: OTPP and BCIMC continue to work to advance gender equality on corporate Boards. I endorse.

- Benchmarking:Preventing investors from doing what's smart and right. Sigh.

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Second, here’s some research:

- SWF Update: EsadeGEO has released its 2013 Sovereign Wealth Funds Annual Report, and it’s full of interesting information and info-graphics about SWFs. For example, did you know that there are currently 21 countries considering launching a new SWF? There are.

- Infrastructure: Deloitte has released a rather interesting report detailing the findings of a survey of infrastructure investors. This report, again, is full of interesting info. Read it.

Have a great long weekend!

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