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People in the News: Tracy Britt

Warren Buffet's 28-year-old protegee will not be his successor, but here's a clue who will.

Previous | Back to Main | NextTalk about a coveted position. Tracy Britt, a 28-year-old graduate of Harvard Business School, has the job of researching potential investment targets for  Warren Buffett, the legendary investor behind Berkshire Hathaway. Britt, who learned business while helping to manage her family’s farm in Kansas, met Buffett in 2006 when he hosted the 90 female members of Smart Woman Securities, an organization she had founded in Omaha, Nebraska. Britt worked on a project for Buffett in the summer of 2009, presenting him with a basket of fresh corn and tomatoes at the start of the stint, and he later offered her the job of financial assistant. Britt is now a protégée of the Oracle of Omaha, attempting to learn just how he has outwitted the market. She has an office a couple of doors down from Buffett’s and is the chairman of  H.J. Heinz, a company recently bought by Berkshire and 3G Capital, and three other Berkshire companies, including Benjamin Moore and Johns Manville. Despite Britt’s dedication, Buffett recently said she will not be his successor. Though Berkshire investors have long pined to know who will take over from the firm’s 82-year-old founder, Buffett maintains that his successor will be a “he,” even as he hopes that ten to 15 years down the line the role could be filled by a woman.Tracy Britt Tom
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