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The 2013 Tech 50: Mark Palmer

Interest has picked up over the past year for market surveillance and compliance applications says the StreamBase Systems CEO.

Mark Palmer
Chief Executive Officer
StreamBase Systems
Last year: 40

StreamBase Systems is enhancing and opening new markets for the complex-event-processing technology that has contributed mightily to the financial industry’s ability to digest vast quantities of information and tackle “big data.” The company recently updated its flagship, LiveView, which provides “real-time analytical visibility into data in motion” and differs from conventional databases in its ability to run queries continuously on streaming data, says CEO Mark Palmer. In June the ten-year-old company was acquired by messaging systems pioneer Tibco Software for an undisclosed price. Palmer says the deal creates a “one-stop shop” that can more easily connect his real-time-decision-oriented customers with “the infrastructure, tools and technologies they need to absorb all the data flying through the enterprise.”  The 48-year-old, who joined Waltham, Massachusetts–based StreamBase in 2008 from rival Progress Software Corp., says interest has picked up over the past year for market surveillance and compliance applications. “We have one broker client that deals with 100 million trade messages per day,” he notes. “Our technology allows them to pick out the 1,000 trades that might be compliance problems.” StreamBase has also been making inroads in emerging markets: A partnership announced in April with Hangzhou-based software and services company Zhe­jiang Hithink Flush Information Network Co. promises to increase penetration of the huge China market.

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