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2015 All-America Research Team: Voters Share Their Views

Buy-siders tell Institutional Investor what they like about analysts who make this year’s team.

Each year, after Institutional Investor has counted the votes and determined which sell-side analysts make the All-America Research Team, we invite survey participants to tell us what prompted them to support a particular individual.

Listed below are responses we received about some of this year’s top-ranked researchers. Click on a person’s name to view his or her full profile. Please note: Free site registration will be requested of anyone who hasn’t already signed up.

  • Jamie Baker “is a pure ‘aerosexual’ — I could never see him doing something that did not involve airlines or airplanes.”
  • Gregory Badishkanian “is affectionately known to many as ‘Gumby’ for his ability and desire to bend over backward for clients.”
  • François Trahan is “the only third-party strategist worth paying for.”
  • “I’ve made a lot of money with Andrew [Steinerman] and believe I’ll continue to in the future.”
  • Jeffrey Zekauskas “is excellent at picking winning stocks.”
  • Joseph Greff “clearly has more hours in his day than anyone else.”
  • Nancy Lazar: “Her volume of output is off the charts.”
  • Ronald Epstein “is always traveling, immersing himself in the industry to the point where I don’t know when he sleeps.”
  • Jeffrey deGraaf is always “a step ahead of everyone else.”
  • Timna Tanners “is the epitome of dedication.”
  • Stephen East “has an incredible work ethic.”
  • “The velocity and the volume of research Mark Schoenebaum generates are unprecedented.”
  • “It is functionally impossible to invest in this space — and produce competitive returns — without Joshua Raskin’s work at hand.”
  • John Glass “isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions of managements that others are too McChicken to.”
  • “As any good ‘boss’ does, [Matthew] Boss continuously raises the bar, year after year.”
  • Andrew Laperriere and Roberto Perli: “They’re great — the only Washington team we pay attention to.”
  • Lisa Gill “is a necessary contact for serious investors in the health care distribution space.”
  • Jamminder (Jimmy) Bhullar “goes out of his way to be the most client-friendly analyst in his space.”
  • Scott Davis is “a long-term voice of reason.”
  • Michael Weinstein “is simply the best, year in and year out.”
  • Stacy Rasgon “is not afraid to challenge consensus thinking or challenge management teams when necessary.”
  • Marko Kolanovic “has done very interesting work on oil prices and equities. He’s about the best at this that I have ever seen.”
  • Yin Luo “demonstrates a special talent in translating quantitative ideas and processes into usable information for quants and nonquants alike.”

Click on the Best Analysts of the Year to view profiles of all of this year’s ranked researchers and to find information about when they debuted in their sectors, the total number of appearances they have amassed to date, their total appearances at No. 1 (where applicable) and comments from money managers about what distinguishes each analyst from his or her peers. Also available at that link is a list of individuals who earn a runner-up spot in each sector (where applicable). Please note: Information about researchers in the second and third positions, and runners-up, is available to subscribers only.

To learn more about how the All-America Research Team was compiled, click on Methodology.

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