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The 2016 All-Asia Research Team Welcomes 30 Newcomers

Morgan Stanley is home to the highest number of previously unranked analysts, with eight.

Among the 218 analysts whose names appear on Institutional Investor’s 2016 All-Asia Research Team are 30 newcomers — including eight that lead or co-lead sector-topping squads.

Morgan Stanley lays claim to the highest number of fresh faces, with eight, including five previously unranked researchers who oversee top-ranked teams. The firm’s Sean Gardiner is worthy of special notice: he co-directs crews in first place for coverage of Indonesia (with fellow newcomer Mulya Chandra) and Singapore (with newcomer Nicholas Lord) as well as third place for reporting on Malaysia (with Navin Killa) and runner-up for Thailand (Mayank Maheshwari).

These newcomers hail from ten firms. Here is the full list of crew chiefs celebrating their first appearances on the All-Asia Research Team.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

• Manoj Garg, Health Care & Pharmaceuticals (co-leader with newcomer Jessica Li), runner-up

• Jessica Li, Health Care & Pharmaceuticals (co-leader with newcomer Manoj Garg), runner-up

• Yuanyuan (Tina) Long, Consumer/Staples (co-leader with Young-Ah Han), first place

• Amish Shah, Industrials (co-leader with Xiang Rong [Jacqueline] Li), third place; and Power (co-leader with Angello Chan), runner-up


• Yiu Hung (Thomas) Chong, Internet (co-leader with Ravi Sarathy), runner-up

• Arthur Lai, Technology/Hardware, runner-up

• Seung-Hyun (Sean) Lee, South Korea, third place

• Xiaopo Wei, Consumer/Discretionary and Consumer/Staples, runner-up

Credit Suisse

• Ray Farris Jr., Economics (co-leader with Dong Tao), runner-up

• Gerald Wong, Singapore, runner-up

• Zhiran (Evan) Zhou, Internet (co-leader with Di [Dick] Wei), first place

Deutsche Bank

• Yuliang Chang, Equity Strategy, runner-up


• Dilip Shahani, Credit Strategy, runner-up

Macquarie Capital Securities

• David Gibson, Technology/IT Services & Software, runner-up

• Damian Thong, Technology/Hardware, runner-up

J.P. Morgan

• Lai Lai (Katherine) Lei, Banks (co-leader with newcomer Harsh Wardhan Modi), runner-up

• Harsh Wardhan Modi, Banks (co-leader with newcomer Lai Lai [Katherine] Lei), runner-up

• Elaine Wu, Power (co-leader with Chun Wah [Boris] Kan), runner-up

Morgan Stanley

• Mulya Chandra, Indonesia (co-leader with newcomer Sean Gardiner), first place

• Sean Gardiner, Indonesia (co-leader with newcomer Mulya Chandra), first place; Malaysia (co-leader with Navin Killa), third place; Singapore (co-leader with newcomer Nicholas Lord), first place; and Thailand (co-leader with Mayank Maheshwari), runner-up

• Li (Jenny) Jiang, Insurance (co-leader with newcomer Sara Lee), second place

• Sara Lee, Insurance (co-leader with newcomer Wei [Jenny] Jiang), second place

• Robert Lin, Internet, third place

• Nicholas Lord, Singapore (co-leader with newcomer Sean Gardiner), first place

• Shengji (Sean) Wu, Health Care & Pharmaceuticals, first place

• Guo Xiang (Kelvin) Pang, Credit Strategy, first place


• Ashwin Mehta, Technology/IT Services & Software (co-leader with Changwon Chung), runner-up


• Simon Mitchell, Australia/New Zealand, second place

• Yanyan (Christine) Peng, Consumer/Staples (co-leader with Erica Poon Werkun), runner-up

• Paul Winter, Quantitative Research, second place

The 2016 All-Asia Research Team reflects the opinions of 3,760 investment professionals at 1,100 institutions that collectively manage an estimated $1.68 trillion in Asia (ex-Japan) equities.

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