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Fourth-Quarter 2015 Corporate Buyback Scorecard; 101–150

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The table below ranks the 299 companies in the S&P 500 that bought back at least 4 percent or more than $1 billion of their shares from December 31, 2013 to December 31, 2015. The companies are ranked according to their return on investment from these repurchases. As calculated by Fortuna Advisors, a New York City-based consultancy that compiled the data for Institutional Investor, buyback ROI measures the overall rate of return of buybacks, based on the internal rate of return of the cash flows associated with them. Buyback strategy tracks the performance of the underlying stock in terms of annualized total shareholder return. Once Fortuna determines buyback ROI and buyback strategy, buyback effectiveness can then be calculated as simply the difference between the two, determined as compounded return.

 How the S&P 500 Stack Up
as Stock Repurchasers 1—50 | 51—100 | 101—150 | 151—200 | 201—250 | 251—299
Company Industry Market
$ Total
$ Total
/ Market Cap
Buyback ROI
 Average $48,969$3,6999.2%20.8%-3.9%16.3%
 Median $24,408$1,9497.7%20.1%-3.6%16.5%
101The Bank of New York Mellon Corp.Diversified Financials45,0524,0248.915.6-4.010.9
102XilinxSemiconductors and Semiconductor Equipment12,0701,0378.
103Nielsen HoldingsCommercial and Professional Services16,9651,1336.79.60.710.4
104Comcast Corp.Media138,02311,0018.013.7-3.110.1
107Northern Trust Corp.Diversified Financials16,6699785.914.3-4.79.0
108Intel Corp.Semiconductors and Semiconductor Equipment162,57014,5679.021.9-10.88.8
109The Western Union Co.Software and Services9,0501,00911.
111IntuitSoftware and Services25,4763,16712.417.2-7.48.5
112AmetekCapital Goods12,7486815.
113The Boeing Co.Capital Goods96,87312,75213.
114Automatic Data ProcessingSoftware and Services39,0732,3726.115.8-6.68.2
115AutodeskSoftware and Services13,7298316.115.1-6.08.2
116Torchmark Corp.Insurance7,0506729.59.4-1.18.2
117Moody's Corp.Diversified Financials19,8372,43012.218.5-8.98.0
118Express Scripts Holding Co.Healthcare Equipment and Services59,1139,99316.914.5-5.87.9
119Abbott LaboratoriesHealthcare Equipment and Services66,9934,4326.611.8-3.67.7
120SunTrust BanksBanks21,8321,1375.212.0-3.97.7
121Rockwell CollinsCapital Goods12,1206155.113.4-5.07.6
122Philip Morris InternationalFood, Beverage and Tobacco136,1993,8812.
123McGraw Hill FinancialDiversified Financials26,6461,3365.016.5-7.97.4
1243M Co.Capital Goods92,75110,89011.712.6-4.97.0
125The Coca-Cola Co.Food, Beverage and Tobacco186,8327,7264.17.0-0.16.9
126Cameron International Corp.Energy12,0781,98716.57.1-0.26.9
127Honeywell InternationalCapital Goods79,8212,8083.510.5-3.36.8
128TE ConnectivityTechnology Hardware and Equipment24,9592,64010.612.9-5.36.8
129Lam Research Corp.Semiconductors and Semiconductor Equipment12,5807776.220.7-11.66.7
130The PNC Financial Services GroupBanks48,3993,3286.913.8-6.36.6
131Amphenol Corp.Technology Hardware and Equipment16,1007884.914.7-7.16.6
132Gilead SciencesPharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Life Sciences145,83314,4519.922.8-13.26.6
133The Dow Chemical Co.Materials59,6455,3599.015.6-7.96.4
134Wells Fargo & Co.Banks277,66118,1116.515.2-7.76.4
135PfizerPharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Life Sciences199,2819,8374.97.5-1.16.3
136FedEx Corp.Transportation41,0645,99314.68.6-2.16.3
137Patterson Cos.Healthcare Equipment and Services4,3803026.97.2-1.55.6
138LyondellBasell Industries N.V.Materials39,0576,50116.613.0-6.65.6
139BlackRockDiversified Financials56,5462,6754.79.3-3.65.4
140Marriott InternationalConsumer Services17,2183,42719.927.6-17.45.4
141AT&TTelecommunication Services211,6901,8860.
142The Goldman Sachs GroupDiversified Financials80,4199,60411.97.5-2.15.3
143United Continental HoldingsTransportation21,3621,5457.228.4-18.34.9
144United Parcel ServiceTransportation85,6855,3976.
146Omnicom GroupMedia18,3291,7919.86.1-1.44.6
147TextronCapital Goods11,4975594.916.3-10.24.4
148Illinois Tool WorksCapital Goods33,6884,88314.59.6-4.84.4
149CH Robinson WorldwideTransportation8,9154184.79.5-4.84.3
* Company has yet to report latest quarter.

Source: Fortuna Advisors Analysis using data from the Capital IQ database.

Financial Data from December 2013 to December 2015. Includes the 485 members of the current S&P 500 that were public for the full period.

Market Capitalization as of: 12/31/2015.

Companies Included here if $ Total Buyback / Market Capitalization is greater than 4% or if $ Total Buyback is greater than $1 billion.