Arresting Development For HF Manager

Things keep going wrong for Kirk Wright.

Things keep going wrong for Kirk Wright. The founder and CEO of International Management Associates has seen his assets and those of his hedge fund and the firm’s principals frozen, and now there is a warrant out for his arrest. The Atlanta Constitution reports that Friday night, Fulton County, Ga., Superior Court Judge T. Jackson Bedford issued the warrant after Wright did not produce certain documents regarding his Atlanta-based hedge, which had $150 AUM at one time. Meanwhile, authorities have been able to track down only a smidgen of those funds, about $150,000, according to The Wall Street Journal, and the judge has agreed to unfreeze the assets of co-firmers Nelson Keith Bond and Fitz Harper, leaving Wright’s assets out in the cold alone.

Wright was to appear at the Securities and Exchange Commission office in Atlanta last week, but, according to The WSJ, canceled because of a death threat from an investor. Jacob Frenkel, the attorney representing Wright and a former SEC lawyer, told The WSJ that his client “intended to address the needs of all of the clients of International management, not just a few plaintiffs who chose to pull the trigger very quickly.”