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Hui-Hui (Heather) Hsu CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets

The buy side says: “Hsu is the most savvy staples analyst in China.”

Hui-Hui (Heather) Hsu of CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets is No. 1 for a second straight year. Praised for her depth of coverage and long-term vision, Hsu, 42, urged investors to buy Huabao International Holdings in January 2010, at HK$8.47, on the belief that the Hong Kong–based maker of food and fragrance additives would continue to enjoy healthy profits despite rising costs. In November, after the stock had risen 48.3 percent, to HK$12.56, and led the sector by 46.3 percentage points, Hsu downgraded it to hold, on valuation. Through April the shares slid 7.8 percent, to HK$11.58.