Hall of Fame 23 - Gary Yablon

During his 28-year career as a Wall Street analyst covering ground transportation companies, Gary Yablon didn’t have to travel far to do what he loved best: sit at his desk and research stocks. “I like being the researcher who gets into the weeds,” says Yablon, 49, who was ranked No. 1 on the All-America Research Team 12 times in Railroads, Trucking and other transportation categories. Yablon, who has an MBA from New York University, got his start in 1986 as a transportation analyst at Oppenheimer & Co. Three years later he moved to Wertheim Schroeder & Co., where one happy client called him a “young Sherlock Holmes.” In 1999, Yablon took his sleuthing skills to Credit Suisse First Boston.

Yablon moved to the buy side in 2004, joining Impala Asset Management, a start-up hedge fund that now has more than $1.5 billion under management. He focuses on transportation and industrial companies, adding that his current job isn’t that much different. “It’s still fundamental research,” he says.

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