The 2017 Rich List: Second 25

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26Peter BrownRenaissance Technologies$125 million
26Robert MercerRenaissance Technologies$125 million
28Robert BishopImpala Asset Management$120 million
28Jeffrey SmithStarboard Value$120 million
30Robert CitroneDiscovery Capital Management$115 million
31O. Francis BiondiKing Street Capital Management$110 million
31Brian HigginsKing Street Capital Management$110 million
33Louis BaconMoore Capital Management$100 million
33Jonathan KolatchRedwood Capital Management$100 million
35David EinhornGreenlight Capital$95 million
35Paul MarshallMarshall Wace$95 million
35Ian WaceMarshall Wace$95 million
38Jonathon JacobsonHighfields Capital Management$90 million
39Josh FriedmanCanyon Partners$85 million
39Mitch JulisCanyon Partners$85 million
41Anthony ClakeMarshall Wace$80 million
42Philippe LaffontCoatue Management$75 million
43Joseph EdelmanPerceptive Advisors$65 million
43Jason MudrickMudrick Capital Management$65 million
45Jeffrey UbbenValueAct Capital$60 million
46Pierre AndurandAndurand Capital Management$50 million
46Stephen Mandel Jr.Lone Pine...

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