Hedge Fund Marketing Index

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FirmCJP Power
FirmCJP Power
1Quest Partners181.351HBK Capital Management100.0
2QMS Capital Management140.952RAM Rational Asset Management99.9
3ROW Asset Management135.153BlueMountain Capital Management99.7
4International Standard Asset Management130.754O’Connor99.7
5Argentiére Capital129.055Catella Capital99.6
6Von Preussen-Hohenberg Management127.856Wolverine Asset Management99.6
7R.G. Niederhoffer Capital Management116.157Axonic Capital99.5
8AQR Australia114.558Bridgewater Associates99.3
9FORT111.659Platinum Asset Management99.3
10Horseman Capital Management109.960Canyon Partners99.2
11Parus Finance (UK)109.761Bramshill Investments99.2
12First Private Investment Management108.162Rimrock Capital Management99.1
13Whitebox Advisors LLC107.963UG Investment Advisers99.0
14400 Capital Management107.264Winton Capital Management99.0
15Sherborne Investors Management106.965Adelphi Capital98.7
16Kaiser Trading Group106.066Lynx Asset Management98.7
17Capital Fund Management105.667Emso Asset Management98.6
18Phoenix Investment Adviser105.068Varadero Capital98.3
19Muzinich & Co.103.969Loomis, Sayles & Company98.2
20Owl Creek Asset Management103.370Masters Capital Management98.1

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