Countries & Regions – China – Second

Jun Ma, Jiangqiao (Michael) Tong & team Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank drops one notch to second place, but the 50-member troop continues to provide “the best bird’s-eye view of the Chinese economy,” according to one buy-side advocate. Co-captained by newcomer Jun Ma and Jiangqiao (Michael) Tong, who also co-direct a crew rated runner-up for coverage of Hong Kong (and Tong leads the No. 3 team in Power), the group tracks 240 companies — and plans to expand coverage. The Hong Kong–based researchers in August downgraded their near-term outlook to cautious and predicted a 15 percent broad-market decline, on the likelihood of negative surprises from Europe and the U.S. They further forecast that the downturn would be followed by a rally that would produce a 23 percent rise by August 2012. Sure enough, six weeks later China’s broad market had dropped exactly 14.9 percent — and by the end of March, it had rebounded by 15.5 percent.
Ben Mattlin