Second-Quarter 2014 Corporate Buyback Scorecard; 251–274

The table below ranks the 274 companies in the S&P 500 that bought back at least 4 percent of their shares from June 30, 2012, through June 30, 2014. 251-274.

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The table below ranks the 274 companies in the S&P 500 that bought back at least 4 percent of their shares from June 30, 2012, through June 30, 2014. The companies are ranked according to their return on investment from these repurchases. As calculated by Fortuna Advisors, a New York City-based consultancy that compiled the data for Institutional Investor , buyback ROI measures the overall rate of return of buybacks, based on the internal rate of return of the cash flows associated with them. Buyback strategy tracks the performance of the underlying stock in terms of annualized total shareholder return. Once Fortuna determines buyback ROI and buyback strategy, buyback effectiveness can then be calculated as simply the difference between the two, determined as compounded return.

How the S&P 500 Stack Up
as Stock Repurchasers
1—50 | 51—100 | 101—150 | 151—200 | 201—250 | 251—274

Company Industry Market
$ Total
$ Total
/ Market Cap
Buyback ROI
Average $47,210$3,3418.5%24.7%0.0%24.5%
Median $21,878$1,6197.4%24.9%0.1%24.0%
251Dollar TreeRetailing11,2631,37612.
252CH Robinson WorldwideTransportation9,4681,01010.
253Philip Morris InternationalFood, Beverage and Tobacco132,60911,7108.83.9-1.91.9
254Fossil GroupConsumer Durables and Apparel5,59491416.35.1-3.41.6
255Altera Corp.Semiconductors and Semiconductor Equipment10,8897246.
256Quest DiagnosticsHealthcare Equipment and Services8,4801,19414.12.6-2.10.5
257Discovery CommunicationsMedia21,1912,30810.922.3-18.9-0.8
258International Business Machines Corp.Software and Services183,47831,68017.3-
260NetAppTechnology Hardware and Equipment11,8142,44020.71.6-5.1-3.6
262Target Corp.Retailing36,7232,2066.03.9-9.4-5.8
263eBaySoftware and Services63,4435,1148.114.2-18.0-6.4
264Bed Bath & BeyondRetailing11,5882,25219.4-5.1-1.9-6.9
265Citrix SystemsSoftware and Services10,2502,05820.1-12.25.5-7.4
266MattelConsumer Durables and Apparel13,2216534.913.6-18.7-7.6
268Ralph Lauren Corp.Consumer Durables and Apparel14,2089706.80.2-8.2-8.0
269Navient Corp.Diversified Financials7,4877209.615.9-21.3-8.8
270Intuitive SurgicalHealthcare Equipment and Services15,8152,33214.7-14.74.9-10.6
271Urban OutfittersRetailing4,6643647.811.9-23.9-14.8
272Teradata Corp.Software and Services6,34080612.7-20.70.9-20.1
273CoachConsumer Durables and Apparel9,3749259.9-18.7-1.9-20.3
274Whole Foods MarketFood and Staples Retailing14,1996034.21.4-21.7-20.5
Source: Fortuna Advisors Analysis using data from the Capital IQ database. Financial Data from June 2012 to June 2014. Includes the 490 members of the current S&P 500 that were public for the full period. Market Capitalization as of: 06/01/2014. Companies Included here if $ Total Buyback / Market Capitalization is greater than 4% or if $ Total Buyback is greater than $1 Billion.