The 2014 All-China Research Team: Technology, No. 3: Kai Qian

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Analyst debut: 2013Maintaining the position he earned in his debut appearance last year, China International Capital Corp.’s Kai Qian wins third-place honors. Although China’s technology stocks bolted 37.8 percent during the 12 months through late November, surpassing the broad market by 40 percentage points, the Beijing-based analyst dismisses concerns that a new bubble is forming in Internet shares. The industry is “still enjoying rapid growth,” he says. “More and more traditional companies are starting to embrace the Internet, and Internet infrastructure providers can develop during the boom.” He is advising investors to buy Beijing-headquartered Lenovo Group because he expects margins to improve. In the past year the personal computer maker has agreed to acquire significant operations of two U.S. providers: the x86 server business of IBM Corp. and Google’s Motorola Mobility smartphone company. Qian also recommends favoring Beijing’s HC International, a domestic business-to-business platform that maintains a strong vertical presence and has established a microcredit company to better serve its members. In addition, he is a proponent of Beijing-based 21Vianet Group, a carrier-neutral provider of Internet data center services. He lauds the operator’s “solid business” and is telling clients to buy on dips. Qian “provides a good perspective that’s different from other analysts’,” observes one advocate.