The 2014 Emerging EMEA Research Team: Transportation, No. 2: Elena Sakhnova & team

Elena Sakhnova & team
VTB Capital

First-place appearances: 2

Total appearances: 4

Team debut: 2011

Moscow-based Elena Sakhnova and her VTB Capital teammate slip back to second place after two years on top. The pair monitors all five major transportation stocks in Russia, Sakhnova reports, and are cautious in the near term. “With the deteriorating state of the Russian economy,” she explains, “both air and rail transportation sectors are undergoing difficult times and will be under pressure over the coming months.” Nonetheless, the analysts are positive on the prospects for Globaltrans Investment, a Cyprus-based company that provides freight transportation services in Russia, the Baltics and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Noting the sell-off in Globaltrans’s global depositary receipts — they plummeted 31.1 percent year to date through May, trading down to $10.95 while the sector gained 9.6 percent — they see a good buying opportunity. The GDRs had clawed back just 21.7 percent from their April low point and still had the potential to run to $17, the researchers’ 12-month target price. This year, Sakhnova also leads the third-place troop in Chemicals.