Hedge Fund Rising Stars: Vikas Tandon

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Vikas Tandon
Bastogne Capital Management

Smaller is better for Vikas Tandon — and for Bastogne Capital Management. Launched last June, the Stamford, Connecticut–based hedge fund firm specializes in small-cap and midcap stocks, a market that its founder believes is less crowded because most capital is with hedge funds that are too big to take advantage of the opportunity. Before forming Bastogne, Tandon ran the New York office of Lonestar Capital Management, a $1.4 billion firm headquartered in San Francisco. He had previously worked for Lonestar before leaving in 2007 to co-found local hedge fund firm Joshua Tree Capital Management. When Joshua Tree closed in 2009, Tandon briefly headed high-yield and distressed analytics for New York– and San Francisco–based broker-dealer BTIG before rejoining Lonestar. The 34-year-old Tandon holds a business administration degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He will probably never see his new firm grow into a multibillion-dollar institution: Bastogne started with $5.3 million in capital, and it now manages about $30 million. Tandon’s firm spends no time on marketing.