The 2013 All-China Research Team: Economics, Third: Jun Ma

Jun Ma
Deutsche Bank

First-place appearances: 3

Total appearances: 4

Analyst debut: 2010

Though he tumbles to third place after three years in the top spot, Jun Ma of Deutsche Bank is considered to be “thoughtful, interesting and 100 percent honest in engaging with the data, as well as particularly good at navigating the all-important political drivers,” in the words of one fund manager. Ma, who also merits a runner-up position in Portfolio Strategy, is counseling money managers “to invest in China, as its growth outlook will continue to improve and reforms will exceed expectations,” he believes. Specifically, Ma advised clients in an early October report that he is positive on the economy’s near-term prospects thanks in part to the performance of its manufacturing sector. The government’s data show that the segment posted three consecutive month-on-month gains in growth, culminating in September with the recording of the highest level since May 2012. Moreover, the economist noted, expansion in the services sectors is gaining momentum, profit growth is accelerating, and corporate confidence is rising. At the same time, he posited that over the medium term a rise in money velocity, improvements in fiscal revenue and increasing export demand “will support an economic recovery that is more sustainable than perception.” — Carolyn Koo