Weekend Reading: CalPERS, TIAA-CREF, Brazil, Spain and Ireland

I’ve found lots of interesting news stories and few solid research papers for your weekend reading enjoyment.


Welcome to the weekend.

First, here are today’s top news items:

- Social Science: As a ‘recovering economist’, I admit to loving this article. (Yes, it’s by design that this post is being written in an engineering school and not an economics department.)

- Transparency: NY Common sues Qualcomm for transparency into the company’s political spending practices. That’s a first.

- Economic Geography: Here’s the geography of hedge fund returns. Interesting.


- Real Estate: TIAA-CREF just bought 1511 Third Avenue on New York’s Upper East Side.

- Commodities: CalPERS cut its commodity holdings by 55 percent in October:

- SWF Leadership: Singapore’s GIC announced the appointment of a new group chief investment officer.

- Pension Plundering: Brazil, Spain and Ireland plunder their pensions .

Second, here are a few research papers that are hopefully of interest:

- Reserve Adequacy: Joshua Aizenman and Hans Genberg have prepared an interesting review paper entitled, “Research on the Demand for International Reserves: Developments in Academia, the Contribution of IMF Researchers, and Influence on IMF Surveillance.”

- Trustee Competency: Susan Sayce, Johanna Weststar, and Anil Verma have a new paper entitled “The recruitment and selection of pension trustees: an integrative approach.” This is such an important topic.

- In-House Management: Gordon Clark and Yours Truly posted a paper over on SSRN before the break entitled, “Principles and Policies for In-House Asset Management.” Send all critiques here.

Enjoy your weekend!