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Ashby Monk, Ph.D., executive director of the Global Projects Center at Stanford University and a senior research associate at the University of Oxford, has been blogging about sovereign and pension funds since 2008. 

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Weekend Giant Reading: December 9 - 11, 2016

The Daily Brief

Good morning, London. Nice to be here. I come bearing news: 
  • CIC buys 5% of Russia's largest gold producer. 
  • Joe Dear talks (on TV) about what went wrong during the crisis at CalPERS and what he's doing about it. 
  • Eike Batista says he likes the "stamp" of legitimacy that comes with the Mubadala investment. 
  • Hassad Australia, a unit of Hassad Food, which is itself a unit of the Qatar Investment Authority, buys farms.
  • ADIA is a school” for young emirates in Abu Dhabi.
  • CalSTRS Chris Ailman: "Clearly Europe is going to be in a recession for a long time."