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The Daily Brief

Hello Melbourne. Nice to be here! I come bearing news:

  • Alberta's Heritage Fund and AIMCo are set to grow: "...Premier Redford is taking concrete steps to address the issue of growing the Heritage Fund again...Norway’s fund was started after Alberta’s on similar revenues and similar oil flows.”
  • CalSTRS is moving into infrastructure: It's made a $500 million allocation to IFM and has plans to invest on a direct basis.
  • CIC has invested $150 million in another Canadian oil sands project.
  • This National Pension Service co-investment vehicle is quite interesting: It has apparently agreed to finance global acquisitions for 12 Korean firms.
  • The conundrum of Lebanon’s hypothetical hydrocarbons (and notional SWF). 
  • PM Stephen Harper: “Canadian investors ought to be afforded the same access to China that Chinese investors are afforded.” True dat.
  • The Norwegian company, Yara, hopes to salvage its joint-venture with the Libyan Investment Authority. 
  • Pascal Duhamel is ADIA's new real estate head.