Would artificial intelligence technology have helped JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon and his lieutenants catch and grasp the full story behind the firm’s approximately $6 billion trading losses — buried in the trading data — far faster?

Is a narrative presentation that swiftly provides insight about a large body of financial data preferable to investors and financial managers than is the presentation of pure visual data in a chart or spreadsheet format? Is a word-based explanation more quickly understood and thus more quickly acted upon?

While these questions continue to be debated, new technology developed by Narrative Science, a two-year-old firm born out of artificial intelligence research conducted at Northwestern University, is poised to use machine-generated narratives employing AI to help Wall Street manage its exponentially growing deluge of data.

At a recent technology conference in New York targeting the financial services industry, Narrative Science demonstrated its new AI-based software platform, called Quill, that aims to help individuals in the financial sector and other high data-generating industries to better analyze and comprehend the full meaning of the data more quickly.