Investment Strategies

Jeremy Grantham and Ben Inker have a long track record of successfully calling market bubbles, but their investment strategy can take a long time to play out.
To fulfill their mission, stock exchanges need to start catering to brokers instead of high frequency traders.
Corporate and public pension plans are focusing on their long-term funding and liability requirements as they determine their fixed-income strategies.
Investors are asking themselves how weak the high-yield bond market’s fundamentals really are, and whether it could see a bounce-back later this year.
When the going gets tough, Commodity Trading Advisors thrive. At least that’s what they want you to think. Trouble is, reality has not been keeping up with the hype. 16 of 21 CTAs in a database of hedge funds were in the red for the month of June, and 17 of the 21 are losing money for the year.
Hedge fund managers were a group that the pension community and its advisers had previously shunned as too risky and secretive. A decade ago underfunded public pensions took the plunge into hedge funds. Neither group will ever be the same.
A Decade to Remember: This timeline from 2000 to 2011 highlights significant milestones during the past ten years when large state public pension funds began investing in hedge funds.