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Weekend Reading

Here are some interesting stories and quite a few papers for your weekend reading. Enjoy!

First, here are the day’s top stories:

- Who are the key players at the Qatar Investment Authority? These guys.

- A San Francisco Grand Jury scolds the San Francisco Employees' Retirement System over its investment strategy. That's a first.

- The Government of Singapore Investment Corporation has reportedly sold off a number of its private equity fund interests. A sign of more in-sourcing? Probably.

- Alabama voters to consider a $500 million transfer out of the Alabama Trust Fund and into the general fund.

- The Future Fund has announced its intention to acquire the Australian Infrastructure Fund for $2 billion.

- Qatar Holdingflexes its muscles on ‘Glenstrata’. 

Second, here are a few interesting papers:

- This paper by Robert D. Arnott and Denis B. Chaves on how demographic changes are impacting financial markets and the economy is good.

- Here’s a paper by Herman Schwartz on political capitalism and the rise of SWFs.

- Efraim Chalamish has a paper that offers an interesting legal analysis of the SWF phenomenon.

Have a nice weekend! 

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