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Asset Size Drives ESG/SRI Priorities for European Investors

Investors at the smallest and largest firms share disparate priorities for ESG/SRI investing in the 2019 All-Europe Research Team survey.

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How much are ESG/SRI components involved in investing decision making?

Which facets of ESG/SRI investing do investors value most?

How does ESG/SRI importance differ across asset size?

Find out the answer to these questions in the full research insight item.  

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While investors around the world agree on the growing influence of ESG/SRI factors on investing decision-making the importance and involvement varies across asset sizes for European investors. Money managers managing European equities shared their insights on ESG/SRI metrics as part of the 2019 All-Europe Research Team survey.

Nearly 1,900 investment professionals at 865 institutions managing an estimated $4 trillion in European equities participated in Institutional Investor’s 2019 All-Europe Research Team survey.