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First-Quarter 2014 Corporate Buyback Scorecard; 51–100

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The table below ranks the 270 companies in the S&P 500 that bought back at least 4 percent of their shares from March 31, 2012, through March 31, 2014. The companies are ranked according to their return on investment from these repurchases. As calculated by Fortuna Advisors, a New York City-based consultancy that compiled the data for Institutional Investor , buyback ROI measures the overall rate of return of buybacks, based on the internal rate of return of the cash flows associated with them. Buyback strategy tracks the performance of the underlying stock in terms of annualized total shareholder return. Once Fortuna determines buyback ROI and buyback strategy, buyback effectiveness can then be calculated as simply the difference between the two, determined as compounded return.

How the S&P 500 Stack Up
as Stock Repurchasers 1—50 | 51—100 | 101—150 | 151—200 | 201—250 | 251—270
Company Industry Market
$ Total
$ Total
/ Market Cap
Buyback ROI
 Average $46,040$3,3498.6%22.3%4.3%27.5%
 Median $21,057$1,5307.2%22.4%3.4%27.4%
51Unum GroupInsurance9,1617398.124.013.841.1
53The Kroger Co.Food and Staples Retailing22,1741,5256.931.17.040.2
54General Dynamics Corp.Capital Goods37,4782,6867.224.112.739.8
55Morgan StanleyDiversified Financials61,4811,3992.329.87.639.6
56Applied MaterialsSemiconductors and Semiconductor Equipment24,7241,2615.125.411.339.6
57CorningTechnology Hardware and Equipment28,9574,11614.220.515.939.6
59SafewayFood and Staples Retailing8,50794811.130.96.639.5
60E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Co.Materials61,4822,0613.416.519.539.1
61Comerica Banks9,4326436.828.97.838.9
63Fifth Third BancorpBanks19,4812,06910.629.66.638.2
64AetnaHealthcare Equipment and Services27,1922,95710.926.58.937.8
65Prudential FinancialInsurance39,1911,4133.623.911.237.8
66BlackRockDiversified Financials53,0613,2016.
67Twenty-First Century FoxMedia71,4705,8818.239.7-1.537.6
68Dover Corp.Capital Goods13,9011,45710.523.811.237.6
69FLIR SystemsTechnology Hardware and Equipment5,0723537.014.620.137.6
70Comcast Corp.Media129,7135,0003.939.2-1.237.5
71O'Reilly AutomotiveRetailing15,7882,24614.
72Juniper NetworksTechnology Hardware and Equipment12,9092,07816.18.626.437.3
73FiservSoftware and Services14,4271,3049.032.63.337.0
74Avery Dennison Corp.Materials4,86350610.434.22.036.9
75AmgenPharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Life Sciences93,1234,0644.436.50.136.6
76The Interpublic Group of Cos.Media7,26883311.527.27.336.5
77American Express Co.Diversified Financials95,3978,6859.132.03.336.4
78Coca-Cola EnterprisesFood, Beverage and Tobacco12,1051,93116.031.73.636.4
79Texas InstrumentsSemiconductors and Semiconductor Equipment51,0155,08810.019.413.936.0
80NVIDIA Corp.Semiconductors and Semiconductor Equipment9,9261,48715.08.425.435.9
81Huntington Bancshares Banks8,3854104.929.25.135.7
82CVS Caremark Corp.Food and Staples Retailing88,2608,2979.429.14.835.3
83Johnson ControlsAutomobiles and Components31,4221,6185.124.18.935.1
84Discover Financial ServicesDiversified Financials27,4012.3088.440.4-3.835.0
85Lowe's Cos.Retailing50,3677,22414.333.50.934.8
86Honeywell InternationalCapital Goods72,5381,7102.427.95.334.8
87Capital GoodsEnergy50,1084,9359.824.08.634.8
88Tractor Supply Co.Retailing9,7984875.031.62.334.6
89Starwood Hotels & Resorts WorldwideConsumer Services15,2776364.222.49.934.6
90Cintas Corp.Commercial and Professional Services7,1565107.126.06.734.5
92Xerox Corp.Software and Services13,3901,97314.719.212.834.4
93PPG IndustriesMaterials26,7961,2004.547.1-8.734.4
94Starbucks Corp.Consumer Services55,4681,4122.523.88.434.2
95Marathon Petroleum Corp.Energy25,4903,98215.650.0-10.734.0
96Union Pacific Corp.Transportation85,2153,9034.629.03.833.8
99NikeConsumer Durables and Apparel65,4023,2064.921.49.733.3
100Torchmark Corp.Insurance6,96198814.228.93.433.3
Source: Fortuna Advisors Analysis using data from the Capital IQ database. Financial Data from March 2012 to March 2014. Includes the 490 members of the current S&P 500 that were public for the full period. Market Capitalization as of: 03/31/2014. Companies Included here if $ Total Buyback / Market Capitalization is greater than 4% or if $ Total Buyback is greater than $1 Billion.