The Asia 100

Overview Methodology


Institutional Investor’s Asia 100 list identifies the largest asset managers in Asia. The list is powered by eVestment and supplemented by information provided by the asset managers directly to Institutional Investor.

Assets Under Management (AUM) were calculated as of March 31, 2017 and reported to us in US dollars. We asked firms to follow these guidelines in reporting their data to us:

Assets are defined as those under management for the account of customers for which an organization has contractual authority to make buy and sell decisions and includes these reported assets:

  • Domestic and non-domestic equities (including convertibles and ADRs)
  • Domestic and non-domestic bonds (including pref. stock and mortgage-backed securities)
  • Cash & equivalents
  • Property (not to include plant, equipment or other tangible assets)
  • Alternative investments (i.e., derivatives, venture capital, oil and gas, timberland, hedge fund etc.)

Firms based in Asia reported assets including those managed for non-Asian institutions, private individuals, and wholly-owned foreign subsidiaries with qualifying assets. In addition, if an Asian firm owns part of a foreign management firm, assets of that firm were counted proportionately. Firms outside of Asia reported assets that were only Asian-derived (whether invested domestically or internationally) and non-Asian assets slated for investment in Asia.

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