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Emerging Europe Middle East & Africa Top Asset Management Firms

Ranking Overview Methodology

During the last few years the world faced unimaginable earthquakes, wildfires and a pandemic – alongside a disruption of decades of global stability, and macroeconomic turmoil. This is the backdrop for emerging EMEA companies, which are on the frontline of some of the world’s greatest challenges.

The buy-side rankings are based on Emerging EMEA corporate (IRO) input collected in the CIV survey during April-May 2023. In this survey, we asked investor relations officers to identify the top three asset management firms in the following attributes:

  • Transparency on their Investment Approach
  • Knowledge of Your Sector
  • Best Active Engagement to Support & Encourage Long-term Business Plans
  • Efficient Engagement Across Funds
  • Ongoing Feedback

The attributes were aggregated to produce overall results.

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