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After another uneven year in Asia, from a lagging China to global macro pressures and geopolitical concerns, the beginning of 2023 is showing more bright spots for investors — and opportunities for their sell-side research firms.

“The back half of 2022 was a story of the underperformance of China. This trend, when combined with further fracturing of geopolitics, led many to try and ‘diversify regionally’ with renewed interest in places like India and Japan,” said Martin Yule, head of Asia-Pacific research at UBS. “In contrast, 2023 has seen tentative steps back towards China, but without the same vigor of the last few years.”

For the 2023 Asia Local Broker results, Institutional Investor received responses from over 1,920 investment professionals at 792 institutions.

To create the Local Broker results, country/region research is aggregated with country sales, corporate access, and trading & execution to create the overall Best Overall Local Broker results. These results use only the votes for local/regional firms. Global brokers are excluded from the Local Broker results.

The individuals surveyed are kept confidential to ensure continuing cooperation. Voters must meet eligibility requirements, and winners must achieve a minimum vote count.

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