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Asia (ex-Japan) Trading Team

Overview Methodology

Morgan Stanley is still on top in Asia.

The firm has once again been recognized as No. 1 for trading and execution in Institutional Investor’s eighth annual All-Asia Trading Team.

Morgan Stanley extended its reign to three years in II’s polling of traders of Asian ex-Japan equities. Respondents were asked to rate their brokers across high-touch, Delta One/ETF, portfolio, and electronic trading, based on various attributes for each category. The attributes were then aggregated to produce the best brokers overall across pan-Asia and in the four sub-categories.

Institutional Investor polled traders of Asian ex-Japan equities asking them to rate brokers on various attributes for trading and execution and the attributes were aggregated to produce the best brokers overall.

The attributes were:

  • High-Touch Sales Trading - Access to Block Liquidity
  • High-Touch Sales Trading - Access to Small- & Mid-cap Liquidity
  • High-Touch Sales Trading - Maintaining Order Anonymity
  • High-Touch Sales Trading - Minimize Market Impact High-Touch Sales Trading - Quality of IoIs
  • High-Touch Sales Trading - Service Quality
  • Electronic Trading - Algorithm Customization
  • Electronic Trading - Algorithm Performance
  • Electronic Trading - Market Access & Transparency
  • Electronic Trading - Service Quality & Support
  • Electronic Trading - Transaction Cost Analysis
  • Portfolio/Program Trading - Client Service Quality & Support
  • Portfolio/Program Trading - Global Market Access
  • Portfolio/Program Trading - Index & Portfolio Research
  • Portfolio/Program Trading - Pre and Post Trade
  • Portfolio/Program Trading - Reliability of Settlement/Back Office
  • Delta One/ETF - Access to Differential Liquidity
  • Delta One/ETF - Price Improvement
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