To select the members for Institutional Investor’s 2019 China’s Top Corporate Access Providers, we invited participants in the 2019 All-China Research Team survey to rate firms on a scale from 1 to 5 on their corporate access, both overall and on a number of attributes. We received responses from 534 investors at 340 firms representing the buy-side point of view. This group voted for sell-side firms in 23 industry sectors. The six attributes polled were: Conferences, Industry or expert speakers, Logistics, Non-deal road shows, One-on-one meetings, and Reverse road shows. Each vote was weighted on the China equity assets under management of the voting institution and the rating awarded.

The Corporate Access Leaders table was calculated by adding together a firm’s overall scores within each industry sector to produce a table of the top ten firms.

In order to portray the difference in perspective between domestic and international investors, we divided respondents according to their location to produce two additional rankings: a mainland view and an international view.

The names of those surveyed are kept confidential to ensure their continuing cooperation. Voters are required to meet eligibility requirements, and all ballots are subject to review by II’s Research Operations Group. Results are also subject to inspection by an independent auditor.