China International Capital Corp. remains the overall champion of China investment research.

The Beijing-based bank leads Institutional Investor‘s brand-new ranking of analyst teams, while retaining its first-place position in II’s individual-based ranking of analysts.

More than 3,240 investment professionals at 900-plus institutions managing an estimated $869 billion in Chinese equities voted in this year’s survey. In addition to the overall team- and analyst-based leaderboards, the results were also split into two sub-categories: Mainland and Rest of World.

In addition to topping the overall leaderboards, CICC was voted No. 1 by Chinese investors in both the team- and analyst-based rankings. However, CICC‘s stronghold is slightly weaker among international investors: The domestic firm tied with Citi for first place in the in the team-based ranking, and placed second in the analyst-based version.