For the seventh year in a row, JPMorgan Chase & Co. leads the buy side’s ranking of America’s Top Corporate Access Providers.

Money managers surveyed by Institutional Investor haven chosen the New York-based bank as their preferred corporate intermediary every year since the survey’s debut in 2012. This year, U.S. companies were also impressed by JPMorgan’s corporate access capabilities, leading to the bank’s second win from the corporate point-of-view.

The 2018 ranking of America’s Top Corporate Access Providers was based on input from 1,755 investors and 565 corporate respondents. Each side of the investor-company relationship ranked the top sell-side firms based on their ability to facilitate meetings, arrange site visits and factory tours, host investor conferences, and organize nondeal road shows. Corporate respondents additionally considered which firms were best at collecting insightful investor feedback.

These responses were tabulated to create two separate leaderboards, with one dedicated to the buy-side point-of-view and the other focusing on the corporate perspective.