Each year when we ask investors to tell us which equity analysts deserve to be tapped for the All-America Research Team, we also ask them to identify the up-and-comers — analysts who have been publishing research for less than three years in any region — who seem destined for greater glory. We tabulate the votes and declare these analysts the Rising Stars of Wall Street research. Respondents may name only one person per sector; to qualify, analysts must meet a minimum vote count and cannot have placed previously on any research team. The Rising Stars are not ranked; rather, they are listed alphabetically by sector, as all analysts who meet the eligibility requirements are awarded the designation.

Analysts must be certified pursuant to Regulation AC to be recognized as Rising Stars in all research sectors; no such restriction applies to the sectors in the Economics & Strategy category. Analysts who changed firms after June 8, 2018 are cited at their previous organizations.

We keep confidential the identities of the survey respondents. We received Rising Stars responses from 949 voters at 499 firms. The 2018 Rising Stars of Wall Street roster was compiled by Senior Editors Denise Hoguet and Tucker Ewing and Researchers Amy Kong, Denise Best and Xiao Lu.